Custom Embroidery

Curlers Corner offers Embroidery Services as well. If you want to place names on jacket backs or put a business logo on the left chest we can work with you to personalize your garment.

Do you need a .jpg image file to do a business logo? 
Our machines require a .dst file. If your business does not have one we can digitize your logo to create a .dst file. This would be an additional cost. 

Can I get a quote over the phone? 
For a general price guideline you are welcome to call our store. Any price given over the phone is a guideline only and not to be used as a firm price.If you would like a quote on embroidery or custom work, we must be able to see the design in order to give an accurate quote. There are too many factors involved in embroidery to be able to quote without seeing the image. The best way to get a quote is in person or by email. Other factors are also involved once the artwork is digitized the stitch count will also factor in. 

Is there anything that can’t be embroidered on?
Yes we would need to see the item you are requesting to be embroidered. We will then be able to determine if the item can be embroidered.