Ice Halo HD

Ice Halo HD
Ice Halo HD

Ice Halo HD

The Halo HD is the sleekest, slimmest, coolest Halo yet! The self adjusting interior high density foam padding actually conforms to the head shape - you will forget you are wearing it!

Other manufacturers offer similar products at lower prices than ours, but they are also lower quality. All our Ice Halo Products are tested in one of the top impact testing facilities in the world, using the Hockey Helmet Standard (CSA Z262.1-09 (April 2009) Annex A, Impact Drop Testing). Our products pass the standard requirements for front, side and back impact. When it comes to comparison - Ice Halo products out rank the lesser valued ones on the market every time!

The Halo HD can be machine washed with your regular laundry and dried on low in the dryer.

How to wear your Halo HD: Put your Halo HD on the same way you'd put on a ballcap - start at the back, slide it over your head to the middle of your forehead, make sure the back is covering the widest part of the back of your head and the 'bump' is pointing up, not down! If it feels snug when you first put it on or at any point during use - just tug 'gently' at the two points of the Halo HD just above your eye brows, and release again. This will adjust the inner workings to fit you properly once more!

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